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Fox Foundation Repair

Fox Foundation Repair is family owned.  We only recommend work that needs to be done!  If no work is necessary, we will tell you so.  Fox specializes in foundation repairs of slabs and pier and beams for residential properties including apartment buildings, condominiums, townhomes and Commercial buildings in the entire Metroplex.  Fox also does drainage corrections, French drains, mudjacking (pressure grouting) and root pruning/barriers. We offer a 10 year warranties for drilled piers.  Detailed drawings of the foundation are provided showing where piers are to be installed along with detailed written reports. Piers are hand dug so as to not destroy the yard. We carry workers comp and liability insurance and everyone who works for Fox is a full time employee. 

Fox Foundation realizes to truly repair a foundation; the actual cause of the foundation problem must be evaluated and corrected to insure a long term cure.  We specialize in diagnosing foundation problems and their causes to create a “plan of attack” for success.

Why More Homeowners Choose Fox Foundation

Finding a responsible and trustworthy contractor is challenging, but you will find that Fox adheres to simple guidelines of respect, integrity and responsibility.  Showing up on time for appointments, performing the work that we do and standing behind our Company warranty helps homeowners trust that Fox will be there when needed.

Over the years, as Fox Foundation has been successfully correcting foundation problems for our customers, we have determined that most homeowners are not aware of the reasons for the foundation deterioration.  While Fox Foundation Repair can correct the current problems, it is important to know what caused the existing problem and take steps to prevent the reoccurrence of future foundation problems.  Our experience has taught us that poor drainage and/or improper watering, tree roots and plumbing leaks are the reasons for virtually most foundation problems. Fox Foundation is in the business of correcting foundation and drainage problems and we are confident that we can remedy the current foundation problems better than any of our competitors.  Customer satisfaction has and always will be our goal. Fox Foundation prides itself on creating as little disturbance as possible to your home and yard.  Our satisfied customers have often praised our crews for the care they take to prevent damage to the house and surrounding landscape.

We have been directly involved in the real estate industry for many years and understand the concerns when buying and selling your property and  are used to working with real estate agents, Title Companies and Lenders.

We look forward to taking your phone call. During office hours there will be a live person answering the phone.  Please call Fox Foundation Repair today.

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